Meeting of China-Tanzania Cyber Cultural Exchange Successfully Held in Tanzania

2019-12-16 15:51:03 Source: CFIS

    On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Tanzania, on October 28, Meeting of China-Tanzania Cyber Cultural Exchange on the theme of “Cyber-Culture and Digital Dife” was held in Tanzania.

    This meeting is hosted by China Federation of Internet Societies, co-organized by Star Times Group, and supported by KK live broadcast platform of Melot Group. It aims to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between China and Tanzania, to strengthen dialogue and communication in the field of cyber-culture dissemination, and to promote the understanding between Chinese and African Internet companies to realize mutual cooperation and benefit.

    Zhao Hui, secretary general of the China Federation of Internet Societies, said that China has always attached great importance to conducting extensive and friendly cyberspace cooperation with Tanzania. Especially in the field of cyber-culture, both China and Tanzania have shown a vigorous and dynamic development. The cooperation between the two parties has huge zoom for long-term development and a win-win result. Zhao Hui emphasized that holding this exchange meeting is in line with the needs of the two countries in the field of cyber-cultural communication and is a useful exploration for the establishment of a China-Tanzania mechanism for folk communication in the field of Internet.

    Zhang Bing pointed out that friendship between China and Tanzania has a long history, and since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the two countries have continuously deepened exchanges and cooperation in the field of cultural communication and achieved fruitful results. "For example, China and Tanzania co-founded two Confucius Institutes. Now there are 130 Chinese teachers and 1,200 Tanzanian students, and they have become the messengers of China-Tanzania culture and friendship." Zhang Bing expressed the hope that China and Tanzania will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation and take advantage of the convenience of Internet communication technologies and means to promote the prosperity and development of the cyber culture of the two countries.

    At the meeting, Zhao Hui, Secretary-General of China Federation of Internet Societies, Peter, Director of the Tanzanian Information Bureau, Zhang Bing, First Secretary of the Cultural Department of the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania, Wang Xiaoqing, Director of the East Africa Region of Star Times Group, Peng Lihui, Secretary General of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, and Zhang Guochao, Vice President of Melot Group, and others jointly cut the ribbon for the “China-Africa Online Film and Television Show Broadcast Season”.

    Representatives from China Internet Investment Fund, Shanghai Network Culture Association, China Railway Group, Freeme, Kikuu and other Chinese Internet social organizations and relevant Chinese-invested companies in Tanzania, and representatives from Tanzania Information Bureau, Tourism Bureau, Jumia Tanzania and other local government departments, Internet companies, as well as media representatives, a total number of more than 150 people attended the meeting.